Showing a level of fervour normally reserved for the first coffee of the working week, a vocal minority of Sydney FC fans have suggested last night’s 5-1 victory against Macarthur Rams was not the result the club would’ve been looking for.

“When it was 4-0, we were satisfied,” a spokesman for the concerned fan group said. “To concede a goal was a bitter disappointment. You could see it affected the players, the fans and the club officials who turned up to watch the game.

“If we had maintained the shut-out, you could argue a 5-0 scoreline would be acceptable, but… well… can you really say 5-1 is worthy of Sydney FC?”

Young Sydney FC striker Corey Gameiro was pensive after the match, telling FMF he’ll be having nightmares about his brace for several months to come.

“Not everything went to plan. It’s pre-season and we’re still shaking the rust off, as well as learning the coach’s new formation. But to only score two goals is something that will haunt me for a while.”

Club officials couldn’t be reached for comment, although an insider told FMF the board are considering releasing a statement of confidence in Arnold over the next few days.

“We need to make sure we show a strong, united front to this turn of events. We had a lot of faith in Graham, so we’re prepared to give him time to turn things around.”

Sydney FC travel to New Zealand to take on two Premier League clubs, a challenge fans say may prove too much, too soon for the rebuilding squad.

“The last thing we want is a 3-1 or 4-1 victory to further undermine the players’ confidence,” one supporter said on Twitter. “There was so much fanfare when we brought Arnold in, then Ibini and Smeltz, so for these demoralising victories to come so early into their tenure could potentially throw the entire season into chaos.”

Sydney FC’s season kicks off on October 10 when they take on Melbourne City at Allianz Stadium in a battle some are dubbing “What else is on that night?”