“It’s great to visit all the landmarks of Adelaide. The tram to Glenelg, Rundle Mall… the tram again.”
Don Blake, deputy leader of Adelaide United’s active support


“This game is terrible because it’s so addictive. It’s going to ruin our upcoming season just like it’s ruined every other season we haven’t won anything.”
Liam “Bubbles” Tait, Cove regular


“I wouldn’t know, the game isn’t scheduled to come out in WA for a few more weeks.”
Sheila Streuthmeyer, Perth Glory capo


“I joined Team Mystic because it’s blue and we are blue. TIMMY CAHILL!”
Doug Doug, Melbourne City board member

“Me and forty of my closest cousins have been going out and bashing trainers at night. It’s been so much fun. Oh, Pokémon GO is pretty good too.”
Sir Thornley Knightsford, High Chancellor of the RBB


“We’re just grateful to be included in something.”
Sheep, sheep


“What the hell is a Pokémon? Sounds like something those City flogs would do. Did you know Melbourne City suck? Those losers.”
Tony Rosario, co-founder of Melbourne Victory


“It’s fun and all, but the webbed fingers can sometimes make catching Pokémon a bitch.”
Cynthia, Brisbane Roar assistant physio


“The game has really brought the whole Central Coast community together around the one Telstra mobile tower which still works.”
Kelly McGuire, local tavern owner


Toby Pinto, lifetime Jets member