Australian football supporters have reacted in horror to the spontaneous appearance of an unidentified man in thousands of football-related photos.

The unknown man was discovered by Fairfax Media assistant editor Eduardo Cann while preparing news stories for publication.

“I was going through photographs taken during the last seven days, and noticed the same man appearing in each one, in exactly the same pose and suit. I examined the images closely with my editor, and we both swear the man was definitely not there when the photos were originally sent from the photographers.”


SL 2


“Then things got weird. We started going through archive footage and photos, and saw the same man appearing in photos from the 90s, even the 80s.”




“We were definitely shaken by the discovery. What’s worse is that nobody has any idea who he is.”

“Is he even real? He can’t be, surely…”


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Fans took to social media to speculate on the identity of the stranger, with some suggesting he resembles the alleged chairman of Football Federation Australia, Stephen Lowy, although this couldn’t be verified as Stephen has never been spotted in public.

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