The Croatian National team has criticised its own fans for use of flares this weekend, marring their Euros 2016 clash against the Czech Republic. Supporters of flare usage have responded, suggesting the Croatian National team simply doesn’t understand how football works.

A section of Croatia’s fans threw flares on to the field while their team was leading 2-1, halting play much to the visible distress of the Croatian players. Moments after the recommencement of play, the Czech Republic scored a dramatic late equaliser.

Croatian National Team coach Ante Cacic labelled the fans “sports terrorists”, while legendary captain Dario Srna has also publicly condemned them.

For Modern Football spoke to a major supporter of flare usage, Ivan Vukosic, who asserts that the Croatian National Team and coach don’t know how football works.

“If they don’t understand why flares are so important, then they clearly don’t understand football.”

“It’s scary to think that people who have played football their entire lives, train in it every day and are chosen to represent their country in football don’t actually know how it works.”

When asked why he would understand football better than a professional football player, Vukosic laughed.

“Of course I understand football. I have been lighting flares since I was five years old. Before that my father was lighting flares. Before that my grandfather invented flares. Of course  I understand football.”

Vukosic had a suggestion for coaches of the Croatian National Team, “maybe they should spend less time training how to pass, and more time training how to light flares without being caught.”

“I bet most of them couldn’t, and yet they call themselves athletes. We are the real athletes.”

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