It has been understood Football Federation Australia has ceased the development of a picture book style Spectator Code of Behaviour following the publication of “The Very Hungry Grub” by Guardian cartoonist David Squires.

It was believed that the code was to be presented in a children’s story-telling format that featured nature and particular pests – such as grubs – demonstrating the required behaviour of spectators at sporting events.

“The Spectator Code of Behaviour was a groundbreaking attempt to educate fans on what’s expected from them at football matches by meeting them at their level of understanding and education,” a FFA insider told FMF.

“But if we’d known you could elegantly summarise the customer journey from ‘grub’ to stakeholder in one cartoon strip, well, we just wouldn’t have bothered.”

It’s believed FFA are reportedly looking to rebrand the Spectator Code of Behaviour using other forms of nature, such as kiwi birds.

Image credit: David Squires, Guardian