Heralded as Australia’s brightest football eSports talent since MarkViduka420, Marcus Gomes’ humbling exit from the FIFA Interactive World Cup has the Australian e-football community scratching its head, and its pundits up in arms, with Fox Sports panellist Mark Rudan labelling Australia’s e-sports development pipeline a ‘shambles.’

In a column on Fox Sports, Rudan blasted Gomes’ early exit, saying that “We want to be the best in the world one day and right now this is probably the darkest day in Australian e-football.”

“It’s just e-depressing, it’s e-mind boggling and we need to address it and the powers that be in the e-headquarters also need to speak up.”

Former EPL great Mark Bosnich was equally incensed, writing in his own column that the loss was “e-embarrassing, it’s as simple as that.”

Bosnich also criticised the lack of e-transfer fees as a contributing factor to the disappointing performance, saying the situation is “absolutely e-diculous.”

“Who is going to develop e-players? The National Premier League in the past, when we were growing up, would develop top class e-players. Back then you had Atari Soccer and what was the end result? The Golden Generation. Boom.”

e-Football Federation Australia could not be reached for comment.