Football Federation Australia’s Emergency General Meeting is looming, as is FIFA’s November 30 deadline to improve stakeholder diversity. All the while, Australia’s soccer community sits and waits, breathless, hopeful one of the world’s most corrupt and soulless organisations can deliver salvation from an administration rife with timidity and incompetence.

“I can’t wait for FFA to be ousted by FIFA,” one fan toldĀ FMF this week via email. “I mean sure, FIFA over the years has been the poster child of convicted fraudsters and outright corporate evil, but I mean look at what FFA has brought us… a Star Wars round! That’s like… like… bad, man!”

“FIFA may be one of the worst organisations to ever be conceived, but at least they’re real soccer people. The change they’ll bring will be a welcome breath of fresh air from the nepotism and suit-ism that has defined FFA since 2012 when the Wanderers reinvented Australian soccer.”