Despite ongoing criticism from supporters and a shattered home life, 42-year-old Western Sydney Wanderers supporter Eugene Crédulo is still unsure if the “RBB Officially” Twitter profile – also known as @RBB_not – is merely the ‘obviously fake’ account other Wanderers fans say it is, or a legitimate source of supporter news and opinion masquerading as parody.

Regularly seen on Twitter under heavy fire from other Wanderers supporters, Eugene spends his days and nights ‘re-tweeting’ posts from @RBB_not and asking the alleged official account, @RBB_net, to confirm whether information provided by the alleged parody account is correct.

“I mean, how are you supposed to tell?” a visibly confused Eugene told FMF.

“Everyone else I’ve spoken to says @RBB_not is a fake, that I’m stupid to think it’s real; the feedback I receive from others on Twitter can be quite intense. But come on, they write about the same things and in the same way, so I don’t know how everyone can just say @RBB_not is fake.”

The stress caused by Eugene’s ongoing confusion has cost him dearly. He was recently fired from his high-paying job at the CSIRO due to declining performance, and has driven his wife and four children out of the home they shared together in Bella Vista.

“I knew something was seriously wrong with Eugene when he snuck a flag into the RBB,” Eugene’s wife Stella told FMF when we approached her for comment. Stella was kind enough to show us the original computer design, as the flag itself was destroyed.

“The fallout was bad. Eugene was thrown out of the stadium by both Wanderers supporters and stadium staff – security didn’t like that the flag contained non-English text. After that, Eugene became obsessed with getting to the bottom of what he thought was some amazing social media campaign by the RBB. He’d go days without eating or bathing. He wouldn’t touch me anymore. It just wasn’t any way to live, so I had to get the kids and myself out of there,” Stella remarked, dissolving into tears at this point.

When FMF asked Eugene about the impact his campaign has had on his family, he said while he misses his wife and kids terribly, he needed to solve this mystery first – at any cost.

“Something in my head just won’t let me accept this. I mean, what if these two accounts are actually run by the same people, just posting news in different ways to target different demographics? Let’s face it – the Wanderers have revolutionised everything else about the A-League, so I wouldn’t put it past them to try and change the way we use social media too.”