Football Federation Australia spokesperson Clive Umani has confirmed to reporters that a promotion/relegation system will be introduced into Australian Football once those who currently want it implemented die.

The WOFP, a detailed roadmap for FFA’s vision of Football’s growth over the next 20 years, states that the administration does not see promotion/relegation as a viable way to grow domestic Football in the current market, however Umani said the FFA are¬†waiting for a ‘generational shift’ to take place before implementing such a scheme.

“FFA spent many months carefully drafting the Whole Of Football Plan, consulting with dozens of experts from across both business and governments of every level. Analysis of data released in the recent Intergenerational Report by the Government shows an opportunity around 2045 to 2060 – once a significant portion of the A-League fan base undergoes a generational shift¬†– to bring in such a system.

“By ensuring the only Football supporters in Australia will be ones we have had 30-50 years to cultivate and nurture – from pre-birth to adult – before introducing promotion/relegation, we can ensure a smooth transition to a tiered system which fulfills the needs of clubs, sponsors and of course, fans.”