Western Sydney Wanderers chairman Paul Lederer has expressed concerns over his club’s incredible success in the Asian Champions League, claiming the club’s status as champions of Asia is retaining fairweather fans that would have otherwise moved on by now.

“Losing our first four A-League games is no random streak of bad luck, it was a planned strategy by the club to flush out bandwagoners,” Lederer told media on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t help ourselves and were simply too good in Asia, and now it doesn’t really matter how terribly we’ve deliberately played in these opening rounds.”

When asked about the club’s large membership base, which threatens to outnumber stadium capacity, Lederer said, “I simply can not bring myself to turn down someone who wants to give me money, so I was hoping these losses at the start of the season would have helped to stem demand for me.”

Lederer¬†made an emotional appeal to football fans in the region, “We urge all of you fairweather fans to please return where you belong, Sydney FC, who are¬†finally doing well again.”

The Wanderers chairman refused to address rumours that the club’s lack of a marquee signing, the support of Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, as well as Popovic’s notorious rotation policy were also part of this master plan.

Lederer concluded by saying, “We have yet to decide whether to continue this strategy for the upcoming fixtures, you will simply have to find out.”