Responding to the latest ‘show cause’ notice issued to the club by Football Federation Australia over alleged salary cap breaches, Perth Glory owner Tony Sage has sought to calm the nerves of anxious fans by stating the allegations have had not negatively impacted him in any way.

Speaking to reporters late Wednesday evening outside his home, Sage was at pains to stress to fans that despite the club’s sliding position on the A-League ladder, player dramas, court action involving former players and now a second show cause notice, Sage himself remained unaffected by the ongoing strife at the club.

“It’s natural for fans to be upset and concerned by these latest developments in what’s been a rollercoaster season to date. I want to state unequivocally that these issues have not caused me any distress, that the only people who are affected by this are those who I pay to feel this pain for me.

“CEO Jason Brewer, all the staff and players at the club, and the fans themselves are going through a world of hurt, but as long as the fans understand that this is all their problem and that I’m completely fine, there is no need for anyone to be concerned about me as well.”

Fans were said to be relieved that their oft-outspoken owner was totally fine, with one saying that, “We don’t want Tony to feel as though he is invested in the club – if he started feeling personally responsible for some of the baffling and potentially rule-breaking events taking place at a business he owns, it could affect his judgement.

“We feel confident knowing that Tony has completely surrounded himself with others who have insulated him from the pain we’re feeling.”