While no doubt disappointing many Australian fans eager to see the Socceroo talisman play at home, Tim Cahill’s agent told media today the star would not be returning home to ply his trade in the A-League, instead choosing to divert his attention to his role in the next Star Wars blockbuster.

While the agent refused to divulge information about the eighth installment in the Star Wars saga, rumour website Galactic Secrets has speculated the plot will derive heavily from the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel series Hand of Thrawn. Written by acclaimed author Timothy Zahn in the late 1990s, the two novels in the series cover the Empire’s efforts to surrender to the New Republic at the end of the Galactic Civil War. The movie will revolve around Cahill’s character, a conflicted Jedi Master named Legatum, as he struggles to help the galaxy reconcile between its past and its future and in doing so, silence his own demons.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2017, after which Cahill would consider an A-League stint with a club which is prepared to stock all Star Wars merchandise in his likeness, his agent said.