Strong alpha male and neighbourhood bigot Steve Daaboul won a fierce argument on social media this afternoon by calling a rival fan “gay”.

Mr. Daaboul described to reporters, “You see, it’s hilarious because I’m saying that he is homosexual, and because I’m bigoted, I hate homosexuals.”

“So take that!” he added.

It is unclear what damage has been suffered by the man on the receiving end of this crushing verbal-king-hit, and people have reached out on social media to offer their support. However, rumours suggest that he is completely unaffected, being neither homosexual nor harbouring any resentment towards homosexuals.

Fans of Mr. Daaboul’s clever insult have displayed their appreciation, and mutual homophobia, by commenting with such remarks as “rekt”.




One such fan told FMF exclusively, “I don’t have a problem with gay people, but you have to admit, its pretty hilarious to call people gay.”

When asked why, he could not provide an answer, instead calling FMF a “gay faggot website”.