Steve Bartman has arrived in Sydney on the eve of the Sydney Derby. The infamous fan who was front and centre of the Cub’s world series controversy, where he caught a foul ball that could’ve have given the Cub’s a valuable out, Steve has elected to leave Chicago whilst the Cub’s are playing the Met’s in the NLCS play off to avoid being a curse in the run up to the World Series.

Steve, who has guarded his privacy in the past, has spoken exclusively to FMF today and shared his own insight on the Sydney Derby. “To be honest, my first love is baseball, I coached a high school team called the Renegades and I am a life long fan of the Cub’s. Unfortunately due what happened in 2003, I am afraid of bringing undue bad luck to the Cub’s in their World Series this season”. Steve, who has not disclosed who he will be supporting in the derby on Saturday night, has mentioned that he feels comfortable that if he were to catch a ball in the crowd that it won’t have an effect on the result.

Despite this reassurance, Graham Arnold and Tony Popovic have both expressed concern on his arrival in the lead up to the game. “We’re still helping Smeltzy regain confidence after last round’s incident with Mark Birighitti. For Steven to arrive has thrown a lot of players’ confidence in to disarray,” Arnold told journalists.

“Maybe it’s affecting us, maybe it isn’t,” Popovic told FMF.