The first round of the new A-League season contained its fair share of highs and lows, yet fans across the league have been left frustrated by the ‘inconsistent’ results which came out of it, saying they’ve been left facing another week of not knowing which games they can safely avoid watching.

Following victories by Central Coast Mariners, Newcastle Jets and Brisbane Roar – the so-called ‘crisis’ clubs of the league – supporters have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. After the first round you should be solidifying your predictions for which future games will be entertaining to watch, and which can be ignored,” Brian Kulson told¬†FMF.¬†“I’d already gone all the way through to Round 20 on my calendar, crossing out Jets and Mariners matches, but now I can’t be sure those games won’t actually be worth watching.”

A-League statistician Cynthia Kerr said this season’s opening round contained 78% “more bullshit results” than in the past, sending the A-League into uncharted territory.

“Fans are definitely the losers when teams don’t get the results they’re expected to. Tipping comps, fantasy leagues and office bets are thrown into turmoil, and journalists are left scrambling to write positive articles about teams they’d pre-written negative articles for.”

But the round’s results have proven to be a boon for salary cap removal enthusiasts, who say the cap artificially restricts the competition from achieving its true potential.

“The administration must acknowledge it let the fans down by allowing clubs like the Jets and Mariners to remain competitive. Until the league achieves the level of predictability the fans expect, there will continue to be conflict and ill-feelings.”