In the lead up to Fox Sport’s release of “November 16”, Uruguay’s resident recluse Alvaro Recoba has made a rare appearance on ‘Teveo’; a popular television channel in Uruguay.

Alvaro fielded several questions surrounding Uruguay’s failure to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Despite the initial conversations having a cagey atmosphere as the focus surrounded the failure to qualify, conversations eased as the focus of the conversation surrounded his current well-being.

Alvaro mentions “we had beat Australia in 2001 when we qualified for the 2002 World Cup and we did so comfortably. When 4 years later in 2005; we were to face Australia again, we felt that planning would be easier as it wasn’t such an unknown opponent”. Alvaro continues to explain that “we knew of Kewell, he was the ‘South American’ of their team – a player of quality that wouldn’t look out of place in our side, but the rest barring a few names were relatively unknowns to us”.

During the second leg qualifier, Tony Popovic had been reprimanded with a yellow card offence against Recoba on the 30th minute. It was this moment that Recoba lost his confidence, he goes on to say “that elbow took something out of me – a supernatural force contained me and I wasn’t Alvaro anymore, I was an imposter.”

Conversations continued on Teveo in Uruguay where Recoba mentions that Kewell’s inclusion in the second leg is still a nightmare to this day. It is understood that this was the driver for Recoba becoming a recluse. Alvaro is recovering and he sees this step on the eve of the tenth year anniversary a move in the right direction to move forward.

We here at FMF would like to wish Alvaro Recoba a speedy recovery. We have donated a signed Australia jersey from Tony Popovic to help in his recovery.