The Qatar government has announced a $25 billion project which will see the Earth’s moon dragged into a geosynchronous orbit over the country for the duration of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, in an attempt to eliminate concern over high temperatures.

The date for the 2022 World Cup would see the tournament taking place in conditions better suited to a sauna than a football tournament; it’s not uncommon for summer days to reach in excess of 50 degrees Celcius.With calls for a boycott increasing, the Qatari administration is desperate to allay the concerns of football leagues and nations across the globe.

The Qataris are known for their elaborate building designs, but this will be the first major test of their financial and construction muscle. Requiring tens of thousands of powerful rockets, the Moon will be dragged from the orbit it’s enjoyed the last several billion years into an orbit which would leave it precisely placed between Qatar and the Sun during daylight hours, in effect causing a total solar eclipse. By blocking the Sun’s rays, Qatar should notice a significant cooling as the rays are largely reflected by the Moon’s surface.

The Qatari government is hopeful this will bring peace of mind to countries concerned their players will be putting their health at risk by playing in the tournament.

“We’ve already paid a lot of money for this tournament – stadiums aren’t cheap – so it makes sense that we’d be happy to spend a little more to make sure the fans and players aren’t put in harms way due to the local weather,” an official statement read.

The project doesn’t cover how Qatar plans to push the moon back into its original orbit.