The cleanout at the Newcastle Jets continues, with reports emerging that Head Coach Phil Stubbins has been forced to release his wife by club owner Nathan Tinkler.

A senior official within the Jets told FMF the release, which is immediate, came after Tinkler demanded Stubbins dedicate more of his attention to the task of salvaging the Jets’ abysmal season. With rumours indicating another 12 players will be released from the club by the end of the week, the source said Tinkler didn’t want ‘outside influences’ to cloud Stubbins’ mind.

“It’s mayhem in the club. Tinkler’s had NetNanny installed on everyone’s computers to block Skype, Gmail, basically anything that could be used to communicate with the outside world. He’s even confiscated our phones and made us sell our houses and move in with him so he can observe us 24 hours a day

“I used to live in a four-bedroom house with a little vineyard. Now I live in a corner of a garage sharing body heat with Ben Kennedy.”

Stubbins couldn’t be reached for comment, however the source indicated the Head Coach, while devastated at the loss of his marriage, is determined to see this current crisis at the club through to the end.

“He knows what needs to be done. With only a handful of players left at the club, Phil has his work cut out for him, but we’re all confident he can give Nathan what he wants… whatever that is.”