Filled with the unbridled euphoria that is sweeping the nation after Saturday night’s historic game between Australia and Korea Republic, the O’Connell family, walking towards the carpark after leaving during the 85th minute of the match, told reporters they couldn’t be happier for the Socceroos, saying the team fully deserved their 1-0 win.

“We’re only leaving early because the traffic’s going to be a nightmare trying to get out of here,” mother-of-three Alice O’Connell said as the family made their way through the P1 carpark. “To be honest, we thought that massive roar from the crowd a few minutes after we left may have been another goal, but my husband Peter assured us it was probably just the full-time whistle.”

Locating their car, Peter O’Connell marvelled at the lack of other motorists returning to their vehicles after what was surely the end of the game.

“Everyone must be staying behind to celebrate,” Peter said. “The team will love that for sure. We would’ve stayed but our son Timmy has a viola lesson tomorrow at 11am, so he can’t be out until all hours of the night.”

With nobody else returning to the carpark, the O’Connell’s had no problems driving away from the stadium, eager to begin celebrating the Socceroos’ regulation-time victory at home.