Responding to widespread condemnation after the use of pepper spray at Western Sydney Wanderers’ final fixture on Saturday, NSW Police have launched a ‘sympathetic’ social media campaign, #Tears4Wanderers, in an attempt to repair relations.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Bob Turner described to reporters, “We understand that a lot of people were affected by our use of OC spray at Saturday’s match, and are fully aware of the irritation,  both physically and emotionally, that many ‘innocent’ Wanderers fans endured over the course of the evening.”

“To show that we’re ready to be the grown ups in this situation, we are encouraging people to tweet their messages of commiseration using the hashtag #Tears4Wanderers”.


Commenting on the incidents at the game itself, Sgt. Turner noted, “While our implementation of OC spray has been criticized by a small minority, we stand by our use of an area-control weapon to target an individual.”

NSW Police have announced that they will be giving out prizes to Tweeters who make posts using #Tears4Wanderers, with the best posters receiving free bottles of limited edition ‘NSW Police eye wash’.

Sgt Turner concluded, “I hope this campaign, along with some free eye wash, will allow Wanderers fans to see the positive side of Saturday night.”