NRL supporter Mitchell Segreto told reporters Tuesday he’s been left shocked at the news that everything wrong with the NRL isn’t due to current NRL Head of Football Todd Greenberg.

“I thought he was responsible for everything,” Segreto said. “I’ve been tweeting him my constructive criticism all year, because I thought he was the cause every problem plaguing the game.

“I thought it was his fault Josh Jackson didn’t get suspended this week, and was responsible for the Dragons losing after the hooter to the Storm in Round 6. I even thought he was the reason the Cowboys got knocked out of the finals.”

“If all of this isn’t Greenberg’s fault, then honestly, I’m not actually sure what Todd Greenberg even does.”

Segreto believes the NRL has a case to answer, saying the organisation should offer fans clear guidelines of the proper channels as to who is responsible for what. “I was disappointed at how difficult it was to find out the NRL has a Head of Strategy. I could have given Shane Mattiske some much-needed advice all season. Not to mention what I could have done for Paul Kind as the Head of Commercial.”

As for Greenberg himself, when FMF asked the NRL via email what Todd Greenberg was responsible for, they responded with the following:

The email response FMF received from the NRL

To combat these claims of opaqueness, the NRL will release an official ‘Twitter Tantrums’ handbook, which will be received by all NRL club members in 2015 as apart of their members’ packages, outlining the multiple communications channels available to fans interested in providing feedback to players, officials, clubs and the NRL itself.