New Brisbane Roar manager Frans Thijssen told reporters Sunday about his ‘child-like’ excitement preceding this Wednesday’s Desperation Derby against the Wanderers, which will be his first in charge.

“I’ve heard so much about this from the fans, and from management,” Thijssen said. “It’s always great to be a part of big games with lots of pride on the line.”

Thijssen, previously a youth coach at numerous clubs in the Middle East, described, “I have a lot of experience managing derbies like this, such as the Qatar SC U20s derby against the Al Sadd SC U20s last year.”

Brisbane have had mixed results in Desperation Derbies this season, losing the first to Melbourne City at home, before comfortably defeating the Jets in Newcastle.

“My predecessor had a one hundred percent trophy record in charge of the club, but a fifty percent Desperation Derby record,” Thijssen commented to reporters. “His firing shows just how highly management values victory in these important fixtures.”

“I’ve quickly learnt that competing in Desperation Derbies is a major part of the club’s philosophy.”

Both Brisbane and the Wanderers have had hugely disappointing starts to the season, and will be looking to earn much deserved consolation with a victory this Wednesday.

The Roar have recently pulled well ahead of the pack in the race for who can claim they are “in a period of rebuilding” first.