Trying hard to contain his emotions following his team’s 4-0 trouncing of Newcastle Jets on Friday, embattled Brisbane Roar coach Mike Mulvey told reporters his club’s has almost replaced Sydney FC this season as the club to painfully watch.

With the Sky Blues stringing together their best-ever start to a season while displaying a sense of camaraderie and stability not seen in the harbour city since the start of the A-League, Mulvey says Brisbane is well on its way to filling the inconsistent, self-destructive shoes left vacant by the Sydney glamour club.

“Up until last night, pieces of the formula were still missing. Sure we’d had the off-field dramas, implosions on the field and crushing losses, but what was missing was that occasional big win, to really give the supporters false hope that this season wasn’t going to be a massive waste of time.

“I’m proud of the boys for delivering that win last night. If we’d only scraped together a 1-0 win then the fans would quite rightly say ‘Oh we got lucky, we’re still going to be awful this season.’ By defeating Newcastle so convincingly we’ve successfully planted the seed of hope in the minds of supporters that maybe we can avoid embarrassing the fans, and the city, a promise which we certainly won’t keep.”

With Brisbane now leaving Western Sydney Wanderers languishing at the bottom of the table, Mulvey said he’s looking forward to battling for 6th spot as the season unfolds, saying Sydney FC’s previous expertise at standing on the edge of competency is a model which he’s aspiring to.

“Nobody made football look as difficult as they did over the last few years, and the A-League is sorely missing that kind of see-sawing drama. With this one-off crushing victory I hope we’ve gone some way to showing fans that we can be trusted filling in for Sydney this season.”