Central Coast Mariners foundation member Edward Buxton awoke from a ten year coma this weekend, shocked to find out that his favourite A-League franchise still exists.

In 2005, Mr. Buxton was on his way home from the Central Coast Mariners’  loss against the New Zealand Knights when he was seriously injured in a car crash. The accident left him in a coma that would eventually last for ten years, until finally waking up this past Friday.

After two days of extensive therapy, Mr. Buxton was able to recover basic speech, wasting no time in expressing his utter disbelief at the Mariners’ continued existence.

“I mean, I enjoyed supporting the club and the A-League experiment, but at the time we all just assumed the franchise would fold after a few spirited seasons.”

The 34 year old is excited about catching up on ten seasons of Mariners football. “I’ve been told that there was a particularly entertaining Grand Final against the Queensland Roar, which I am looking forward to watching.”

“I obviously don’t know who any of the players in the squad are this season, but I’ve been told that most football fans don’t know either.”