Bewildered and struggling for answers, 24-year-old Victorian man Pavli Baris told reporters Wednesday he felt two aggressive posts he made on microblogging platform Twitter in July would’ve left the A-League struggling to attract interest in the upcoming season.

Speaking from his Dandenong home after the A-League announced 13% membership growth versus the same point last year, Mr Baris said he’s devastated by the news, adding it will take some time for him to truly comprehend what’s happened.

“I posted two tweets targeting the FFA and A-League Twitter accounts, which read “Fuck the FFA, we need to boycott” and “The A-League is shit, it’s doesn’t respect football or culture” respectively.

“At the time, I naturally assumed these tweets would be seen by the larger sports-going public, significantly influencing their decision to purchase or renew their memberships for the next season; my friend Bruce from Sydney re-tweeted them, and he’s got 300 followers, so that just reinforced my belief my tweets would result in lower membership figures.

“Obviously I’m quite disappointed and confused by what’s happened.”

Mr Baris concluded that others on social media who feel their angry tweeting will actually amount to something will feel let down by this unexpected turn of events.

“When you post on social media, you believe you’re making a difference, so when it turns out you don’t, that can be rather deflating.

“I urge other fans out there not to give up – I wasn’t so lucky, but perhaps your angry post will be the one which makes a difference.”