Furious at the lies he claims are probably ruining Australian football, 38 year old football fan Marcus Grandview has lauched a scathing attack on the unreleased book A-League: The Inside Story Of The Tumultuous First Decade, saying that as the book contains quotes and interviews from the game’s key administrators and stakeholders, it is most likely ‘an elaborate ploy to distract fans from the truth’.

The book, which is scheduled for release tomorrow, has been slammed by Grandview. “I haven’t read the book yet, but I bet it’s nothing more than a shameless puff-piece designed to gloss over the gross mismanagement of the last 10 years of professional football,” Grandview spat. “When you have quotes from Damien De Bohun, David Gallop, even Frank Lowy, how can you claim to be releasing an accurate account of the league’s history?

“I mean… it’s Lowy and Gallop! Wake up people!”

The book’s authors, Leopold Method publisher Shaun Mooney and Australian Financial Review journalist John Stensholt could not be reached for comment, although sources close to Mooney told FMF the writers stand by their work, with Mooney quoted as saying, “The book isn’t even out yet!”

But Grandview and a growing number of disgruntled supporters are vowing to launch a boycott campaign against the book, urging others to steer clear. “This book is dangerous. What if the version of the truth in this book is different than the version that I, as a fan, have come to believe is correct?

“Fans need to remember, people can say whatever they want; the truth is whatever you feel. You don’t need to read a book to know it’s not telling the truth.”


Want to read the probable lies for yourself? A-League: The Inside Story Of The Tumultuous First Decade will be released tomorrow at several remaining book stores. You can also pre-order it on the Leopold Method website.


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