Western Sydney Wanderers’ latest injury replacement Adrian Madaschi has confirmed he will be wearing the number 666 this season, after selling his soul to coach Tony Popovic.

“Many wonder why the Wanderers managed to win the Asian Champions League yet have performed so poorly this season,” the thirty two year old centre-half told reporters.

“I’ve now learnt it is because Tony Popovic is a wizened necromancer and has been using dark magic and evil spirits to do his bidding. This explains all of the supernatural phenomena, such as Mark Bridge scoring so many goals.”

“Unfortunately, in the work of necromancy, great success comes with great sacrifice.”

Madaschi described that the black magic used by Popovic to lead the Wanderers to success in previous years has taken its toll on his life-force, forcing the coach to spend this season devouring the souls of players and their eventual injury replacements to reinvigorate.

“He preys on those of us who are free agents and desperate for a contract, luring us in with the temptress that is money.”

“I will wear 666 on my back this season as a sign of submission to the dark one [Popovic], in hopes that he will spare me, unlike Ward and others before me.”

Madaschi confirmed that Popovic is close to regaining full capacity, and will return to utilising his power over the dark forces next season. The towering defender hopes to be part of this success, rather than another casualty.