As the dust settles on Macarthur Rams’ disappointing post-season, the embattled club must work its way through an identity crisis.

There will be plenty of text messages, well wishes and commiserations for one of the better clubs in Sydney, Macarthur Rams, whose crushing back-to-back losses against Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers must be as much a shock to the players as it was the fans.

First things first, congratulations to the Rams for the way they handled themselves when they conceded. Losses against A-League opponents are as rare as hen’s teeth these days, so to have gone down in the manner they did would certainly have rattled the administration.

The club stated ‘these are just A-League pre-season games, who cares?’, but this only underlies the identity crisis which has now taken hold at the western suburbs outfit. The losses the club has experienced over the past week are symptomatic of a deep-rooted conflict of attitude and direction, one which must be addressed before the club can hope to move forward.

With fans claiming Sydney FC is still suffering from identity issues after it’s heavy 4-0 defeat to Newcastle United, it’s only fair that Macarthur Rams’ losses be thrown under the same umbrella.

So, where to for the Rams? How can they fix the issues afflicting the club and regularly challenge rusty A-League sides?

Local Macarthur district player Blake Moretti says the ingrained nepotism within the region is a major stumbling block to the type of reform the Rams need to become competitive again.

Others, like Sydney FC socialite Simon Overall, believe Macarthur’s attempts at securing additional revenue streams has put the club’s core business – playing football – in jeopardy.

“Macarthur is clearly spreading itself too thin – between its mortgage-brokering industry and the football club, it’s clearly cracking under the stress,” Simon told FMF.

It’s clear there is no single answer, but one thing is certain – this crisis of identity must be fixed quickly, or Macarthur Rams will be subjected to hundreds of repetitive articles from every corner of the football world.

Image Source: WorldNews