Football Federation Australia today announced Noah Lowy, grandson of current Chairman Frank Lowy, will succeed his father Steven as the next-next Chairman of the game’s governing body.

The move cements the Lowy family as leaders of the game in Australia until at least 2055, in time for the second 20-year strategic vision to achieve completion.

On announcing the appointment, Frank Lowy told journalists it was ‘important to establish consistency across multiple generations of Australians’ to oversee the implementation of the new Whole of Football Plan, released this week by Football Federation Australia.

“The Whole of Football Plan is a blueprint for the next 20 years, but of course the game needs a consistent guiding hand over the next few decades to ensure our gains aren’t reversed by those with different ideas,” Lowy said. “I expect my son Steven to govern through the lifespan of the Whole Of Football Plan, however it’s important that during this time he develop a strategy for the 20 years beyond that which will be overseen by Noah, whom I imagine will turn control over to one of his children.”

When asked whether the move ran the risk of drying up original ideas and fresh perspectives at the organisation, Lowy was optimistic, saying family-based succession has been practiced within Australian football for decades with no negative repercussions.

“Some of our most successful institutions within football – Perth Glory, Gold Coast United, as well as a few well-known State League clubs – have practiced intra-family succession models. You only need to look at the consistent success they’ve enjoyed in their lifetimes to see there is a precedent for this kind of thing.”