A senior official within the A-League told reporters Sunday the allegations levelled at Perth Glory have stunned the administration, which didn’t even know there was a Western Australia to begin with, let alone an A-League team representing it.

“That would explain a lot,” the official admitted. “This season has seen a lot of teams not perform to their usual standards. We thought it was just a natural ebb in the quality of play, but it turns out there’s been this whole other team from a state we weren’t aware existed, apparently leading the competition.”

Senior executives from the A-League and FFA left Sydney Airport early Saturday morning heading to what appears to be Western Australia’s biggest city, Perth, but not before telling reporters they were surprised planes were making the long trip to the mysterious state in the first place – “It’s a bit of a trek. I hope they don’t think we’ll let them host any significant games out there,” one executive was heard to remark.

A-League statistician Barry O’Laughlan told FMF the existence of a tenth A-League team has been the topic of years of debate, and is ecstatic the salary cap allegations provide solid proof such a team exists.

“Perth Glory has always been a rumour, we’ve just never had enough empirical evidence to confirm its existence one way or another.

“As with any myth, there have been reports of sightings over the years. A lot of reports claim the team existed during the NSL era, however data from this period is crude and largely incomplete. We won’t know if Perth Glory played in the NSL until archaeologists finish digging up the ancient stadium food trucks they believe housed all official NSL records.

“Then there was that one A-League season where everyone swore black and blue Perth Glory made it to an A-League Grand Final. But teams don’t just make a Grand Final then disappear off the face of the earth … well, not since Sydney FC was rediscovered.”

The alleged owner of Perth Glory, Tony Sage, was reportedly furious with the A-League’s ignorance of both his team and his state, telling reporters, “It’s bullshit as far as we’re concerned.”

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