A-League fans have united in criticism of the Western Sydney Wanderers, accusing the club of stimulating dissent from West Asian nations towards Australia and its position in the Asian Football Confederation.

Recent reports suggest that countries from West Asia feel Australia do not deserve a place in the Asian Football Confederation, a sentiment that many A-League fans believe is partly the result of the Wanderers’ victory in the Asian Champions League over Al Hilal.

One angry A-League fan commented, “As always, the Wanderers have ruined everything for the country, the league, my wife who just divorced me over this, as well as fans of football in Australia and even across Asia – they are an embarrassment.

“If they hadn’t beaten Al Hilal in the Asian Champions League, we wouldn’t be in this position right now as the West Asian nations would feel better about themselves. Clearly the Wanderers and their feral fans have no sense of compassion.”

The very angry A-League fan finished his comments by describing that his wife had been cheating on him with their Lebanese gardener, before bursting into tears.

Football Federation Australia issued a brief statement in response to the matter, saying they were concerned by the Wanderers’ involvement in the potential rejection of Australia from the AFC, and are considering disciplinary action, including point deductions.