Andrew Hamilton, sports journalist for popular online news site Here’s Sport!, said he’s tired of his ‘awesome’ puns based on the names of rugby league stars going to waste.

Speaking from his home office in Penrith, Hamilton told reporters time was running out for some of his hilarious jokes to be used.

“The main one I’ve been sitting on is ‘Purple Rein’, for when Mitch Rein finally leaves the Dragons and moves to Melbourne,” Hamilton said.  “He’s only a young guy so hopefully Craig Bellamy recruits him sooner rather than later.

“It’s a reference to ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince, and Melbourne’s main colour is purple,” he added when reporters did not immediately laugh.

Hamilton said he had plenty more lines which are of similar quality.

“When Matt Prior is suspended again I’d like us to use the headline ‘Prior Conviction for Sharks star Matt’,” he said.  “I’ve mentioned this to the guys I work with and I can tell that they think it’s really funny.”

Hamilton said that although his puns were meant to be lighthearted and aimed make his readers laugh, he did have to tread carefully for fear of offending people.

“I’ll never make jokes about racism or domestic violence,” he said.  “And if someone is in a bad way I don’t want to make light of it.  That means that I might not use ‘Parra’s Pauli Pauli Poorly’ if he is out injured or sick.

“Now that I think about it, though, that’s pretty hilarious.”

In the lead-up to the NRL grand final Hamilton was reportedly relieved he didn’t need to find words that rhymed with ‘Watene-Zelezniak’.