North Queensland Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston says he has proof his team were eliminated from the NRL finals series for the third year in a row as part of a worldwide conspiracy to suppress all sporting teams in the North Queensland region.

Thurston told media on Monday he will present evidence that controversial decisions in the last three finals series were the work of multiple parties across the globe colluding with New South Wales to ensure the Cowboys would not reach the grand final.

“After performing extensive research over the past three years, there’s definitely evidence that this New South Wales conspiracy is far bigger than I first thought – even larger than the NRL,” Thurston said. “The AFL, the A-League, Cricket Australia, they all have New South Wales teams who would have something to gain from this.

“North Queensland has never been allowed to have a successful team at the highest level. The people who run these organisations are working to ensure it never happens. Well, no more. I’m here to expose them.”

When asked if sports from other countries may be aiding New South Wales in their alleged misdeeds, Thurston said the evidence is undeniable.

“I can prove that sporting codes across the world are working with New South Wales. It may seem to the average fan that Major League Baseball would have no interest in what happens here, but can you imagine if Townsville had a team that regularly beat the Dodgers and the Red Sox? And you can’t sit there and tell me that a Cairns soccer side winning the English Premier League doesn’t keep at least one bigwig in the UK up at night.

“If you think this thing stops at NSW, or even Australia, you need to wake up – this goes much further than any of you can imagine.”

The Cowboys captain said that he was ready for any repercussions which may result from his investigation, mentioned exiled star Todd Carney as a rare example of a rugby league cleanskin who had threatened to speak up, and found himself discredited in the media as a result.