Western Sydney Wanderers defender Antony Golec could be hit with a lengthy suspension by the Match Review Panel (MRP), after violently pushing Sydney FC defender Sasa Ognenovski in last weekend’s Sydney Derby following Vitor Saba’s red card.

An inside source within the MRP reveals that while some of the panel’s attention is focused on Ognenovski’s behaviour during the match, Golec’s actions could see him facing bans for violent conduct.

“We’re aware there are concerns over an alleged incident between Ognenovski and Saba just after the red card was issued. We’re closely analysing footage to see if there’s anything there we need to worry about, however there was no missing Golec’s horrible shove.”

“Golec may have thought he was protecting his team-mate from Ognenovski, but his behaviour sets a bad example for the thousands of children watching the match, and this incident could drag the A-League through a public relations nightmare.”

With the Daily Telegraph publishing graphic photos of fan violence as supporters left Allianz Stadium after the match, the source said the documented brawling shows that pushing incidents like Golec’s need to be treated with severity.

“Did you see any incidents of back-of-head slapping after the match? I didn’t. But there’s plenty of photos of violent pushing taking place. It’s clear the behaviour on the field influences fan behaviour, so we’ll be taking that into account when we decide whether any players should face further sanctions.”

The source indicated that the MRP is reluctant to issue multiple bans for violent conduct from the one match, as this might jeopardise the league’s reputation, so are considering letting Ognenovski off with a warning.