Football Federation of Australia CEO David Gallop burst into tears following this morning’s press conference, admitting that the FFA uses money and not “tradition” to pay bills.

Gallop addressed criticism regarding the A-League’s lack of international breaks, admitting that the league can not afford to skip rounds due to resulting losses in broadcast revenue.

This admission was met with further critcism, blaming the FFA for bending to the will of people who will supply them with money, such as Fox Sports.

Gallop was clearly in a distraught state as he told reporters, “I have to be honest with you, unfortunately the FFA is guilty of participating in the capitalist modern economy.”

“Originally [the FFA’s] plan was to subvert hypercapitalism and create our own communist microstate where finances would not be an issue, but I have to solemnly admit that this wasn’t followed through with.”

The FFA head, who remains a divisive character among football fans, asserted that all efforts would be made in future seasons “to not pay the association’s bills or help finance the A-League franchises”, instead placing extra value on adhering to football tradition.

These words have not yet been strong enough to subdue dissent among A-League fans, many of whom plan to protest their team’s being weakened in future rounds by not supporting their teams for these rounds.