You may have noticed something called “Euros 2016” trending on Twitter over the past week. Some investigation reveals it to be something like the soccer version of Eurovision. Unlike the singing competition, however, Australia is not able to compete.

Clearly this is because the European soccer teams are scared of our Socceroos! Undoubtedly, we would win the competition, as we should’ve won Eurovision. Here are five reasons why the Socceroos would win Euros 2016!

1. Australian Spirit.

Australia might not be the most technically proficient footballing outfit, however there is one thing we do have that no other nation can claim: Australian spirit.

Does Spain have Australian spirit? No. Does Italy have Australian spirit? No. Does France have Australian spirit? No.

Portugal may have Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Socceroos have Australian Spirit.

2. True Blue Aussie Spirit

Although we don’t have any world-class players, there is one thing that the Socceroos has in abundance: True Blue Aussie Spirit.

True Blue Aussie Spirit is what unites this country and what allows us to be so successful in so many sports despite our relatively small population. We always try hard, work for our mates and then have a beer at the end of the day. No other country could compete against that.

3. The Aussie Battler Spirit

You can never keep an Aussie down. While other country’s soccer players are falling down like they’ve been shot, Aussies get back up and keep on battling. You little beauty!

4. Harold Holt’s Disappearance

Every good sporting team is motivated by some sort of emotional tragedy, that lights the fire within them. For the Socceroos, this is undoubtedly the disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt in 1967.

When the Socceroos take to the field, they are playing for their country, their family and most importantly: for Harold. Rest In Peace big man!

5. The ANZAC Spirit

Every Australian soccer player knows that he would be speaking Japanese if it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of our ANZAC soldiers. This Aussie spirit is what would undoubtedly give us the edge in Euros 2016, even if our players aren’t as good as everybody else.