Football Federation Australia has announced that with the appointment of full-time referees in an effort to improve the quality of A-League matches, they feel that ball kids are the next logical step.

In a world first, FFA CEO David Gallop told media he expects this decision to be remembered as one of his most important legacies. “We have listened to the fans and stakeholders of our great game by introducing full-time referees. We are taking this one step further by introducing full time A-League ball kids, to further cement the professionalism of the league.”

It is believed with the current predicaments surrounding the Brisbane Roar, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Newcastle Jets and the Matildas that Whitlam Square had to act swiftly to provide some ‘feel-good news’ a month out from the season’s scheduled start date.

FMF spoke with Connor Herb, an 11 year old who was appointed one of 12 full time ball kids. “It has been an uphill battle from the start, negotiations with the FFA had been tense, and we had been on the verge of starting our own union to protect our interests. To say that this announcement has been made is a relief to say the least. We can now concentrate on what we do best and that is to keep delays to a minimum and provide the match ball to keep play in the spirit of the AFC’s 60 minute campaign.”

FMF quizzed Connor on his other commitments such as primary school. “To be honest, I had no interest in it anyway. I have to get up early in the morning, have breakfast and lunch made for me, THEN I got to have a shower and get dressed. Mind you this is all before I got to go to school and once there, I have to put up with annoying teachers, Brad, who is a jerk, and wait eagerly in anticipation to continue training as a ball boy at recess and at lunch.

“Now that I’m full time, I can get back to what I love doing safe in the knowledge that my future is secure.”