A senior official within Football Federation Australia told reporters Friday it isn’t afraid of threats by nations within the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to kick the country out of the group, with talks underway to form the Antarctic Football Confederation (AFC) with 28 other countries.

The creation of the brand-new football confederation is reportedly only days away from being signed by the 29 countries which hold ‘consultative status’ as part of the Antarctic Treaty System – including Spain, New Zealand, Germany and Brazil but, coincidentally, none of the countries within the Asian confederation rumoured to be behind the plot to oust Australia. This radical move is being heralded by fans across the globe, especially within Australia and New Zealand, the latter of which can now take part in the same continental competitions as Australia.

President of the newly-formed Antarctic active supporter group, Steve South, said he was thrilled at the possibility for the A-League and the Socceroos to begin drawing in local Antarctic residents – particularly soccer-starved penguins – to bolster the ranks of domestic football fans, telling FMF that ‘it beats expanding into the Shire any way of the week’.

Asian confederation president Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa told FMF that he wasn’t worried about the potential for an exodus from the confederation to join the Antarctic confederation. “Look at which countries would leave the AFC – Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea and China. Why would we want to keep those countries around when their football teams are more than capable of defeating western Asia teams, proving that throwing our money around isn’t a substitute for having a compentent domestic football program?”

FMF has also confirmed the 29 nations which would form the AFC have agreed to unite to train local Antarctic wildlife, with the hope of Antarctica fielding a national team by 2022.