FFA spokesperon Clive Umani admitted to reporters Thursday it is time for the governing body’s social media interns to be made professional, following an ill-timed tweet regarding referees.

“We are seeing too many obvious errors on social media and this can be attributed to the underpaid and part-time status of our interns.” Umani described.

Furor regarding this issue came to a climax following Thursday night’s awkwardly timed tweet about referees bringing “football common sense to the pitch”, just seconds after a blatantly incorrect referee decision in the A-League fixture between Sydney FC and Perth Glory.

“We are fully aware of the big issue last night: the poorly timed tweet made by the official FFA account, which has fans outraged,” Umani told reporters, “and we admit that the tweet should have been made at least five minutes later.”

“This has been an embarrassing blow to our public image, and looking ahead, social media managers within Australian football must receive better training and develop towards full time positions.”

When asked about the refereeing in last night’s A-League clash, where two controversial penalties were awarded, Umani expressed satisfaction, “It is great that the referee was consistent and fair.”

“As John [Aloisi] said, they bring common sense to the pitch.”