AS Roma supporters show a banner during the match against Lazio in their Serie A soccer match at Olympic stadium in Rome April 18, 2010. AS Roma won the match 2-1. REUTERS/Max Rossi (ITALY - Tags: SPORT SOCCER) - RTR2CZFE

Australia’s football summer kicks off this week, with A-League fans across the country excitedly awaiting Thursday’s blockbuster round opener between Western Sydney Wanderers and Brisbane Roar.¬†While media coverage traditionally focuses on clubs’ fanatical active supporters in the lead-up to a season, Eurosnobs across the country are preparing for the launch of the new season in their own ways.

“The A-League is great – it’s a really accurate way to measure how long until football leagues in other countries begin,” 19-year-old Tabitha Ryan told FMF. “You can look at the calendar and go, ‘Newcastle and Perth are playing this Saturday, awesome, that means it’s almost the end of the European Champions League Group stage!'”

“I’ve spent the last week preparing my Foxtel IQ box for the upcoming season. Whenever an A-League game is about to start, my box will alert me so I can watch some of my recorded Bundesliga games instead,” 37-year-old Harrison White said in an email.

“Football fans have never had it better. As well as Foxtel, for a few dollars a month you can get a VPN connection so you can watch any overseas leagues you want, no geo-blocking or anything!”

The head of the Australian branch of the European Football Appreciation Group, Lyle Jerkins, says Australian fans of football who forgo supporting Australian leagues to solely follow European competitions shouldn’t be derided for their choice. Rather, it’s simply a desire to only have the best.

“Why would football supporters, who are just as passionate about the growth of the code in Australia as anyone else, bother trying to support leagues which don’t provide them the entertainment they want?”

“Imagine if you had a partner who wasn’t giving you what you needed. You could spend time, effort and even money struggling to grow the relationship into something which isn’t even guaranteed to make you happy in the end… or you could just spy on the attractive, soulless escort across the road.”