Western Sydney Wanderers’ coach Tony Popovic has hit back at his critics, insisting his side would be top of the table if they had won all the games they lost. His outburst come after the club succumbed to their 14th loss of the season, removing any remaining chance of making the final six and effectively ending their season.

“The criticism is unfounded; we wouldn’t even be talking about this if we hadn’t lost all those games”, Popovic told FMF. “I’ve said repeatedly that there’s no excuses, but travel, pay disputes, injuries, recruitment, and losing, have all contributed to us not winning”, he continued. “I don’t like to talk about excuses, but they’re all major factors and should be remembered when reviewing the season.”

When questioned as to his plans to learn from the mistakes and improve upon next season, Popovic was defiant, saying, “There’s nothing to learn, we dominated every match we played this season, but didn’t take our chances in the final third. We were just unfortunate that scoring goals has such a massive impact on the result of a football match. If we had the same sheer luck as the other clubs, we’d be seeing a different ladder right now“.

He also highlighted that off-field the Wanderers were still one of the biggest clubs in the league, which should be enough for fans demanding better results on the park. “We have won in the stands at every home game, which have continued to be sell-outs. No other club can take that from us. Also, our social media presence garners massive attention daily, and to top it off Al Nassr have been doing quite well in their season. There’s plenty of positives to take from that.”

The Wanderers take on Brisbane Roar on the 25th of March. Popovic promised FMF another dominating display that will most likely result in a loss, through no fault of his own.