The mood between the two Sydney clubs continues to darken following Saturday’s derby, with revelations Ali Abbas has now unfollowed and blocked Wanderers player Iacopo La Rocca on Facebook.

Speaking to FMF as he begins his long recuperation process, Abbas said he was surprised to find a friendship request from La Rocca in his Inbox mere hours after Saturday’s game.

“Initially I thought, ‘Wow, he must be feeling so guilty. It’s not every day something like this happens and I know he tried to talk to me after the game, so maybe he’s going to apologise.'”

Abbas accepted La Rocca’s friendship request, however things quickly turned sour after La Rocca sent through hundreds of requests to play Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans; “Those games are terrible. Talk about adding insult to injury,” Abbas quipped.

As the invites continued unabated, Abbas said he waited in vain for an apology to come through from La Rocca. Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold, who has spent the days since the derby lashing out at the Wanderers in defence of his midfielder, told FMF the last straw came when Ali came to him with a screenshot of a post La Rocca made on his Facebook Wall mere moments after the tackle which injured him. Arnold and other Sydney FC players jumped on social media to defend their fallen comrade.


“I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But seeing this was just too much,” Abbas said. “I’ve unfollowed and blocked La Rocca until he has the human decency to take down that post from his Wall.”

Wanderers coach Tony Popovic told media the conduct of Sydney FC players and staff has been completely unacceptable, saying if they had a problem with La Rocca or Spiranovic they should have done the decent thing and Inbox’d the players instead of making public Wall posts.

La Rocca was unavailable for comment, as he has blocked comments on his Wall.