Football Federation Australia announced today that the start of season 11 of the Hyundai A-League will likely be delayed. David Gallop has lashed out at the Professional Footballers Association, saying, “The PFA has continually and intentionally done everything in their power to delay the start of the season”. With wild accusations such as this, FMF believes that the PFA’s latest statement released last Monday was the final straw.

The statement, titled “PFA: Football Fans Should not be Sedated” announced that the PFA would be including the rights of fans in its CBA negotiations with FFA. While FFA believes fans cannot legally be included in the same CBA as players, there are some who disagree.

“Fans who play for a football club ratified under State and National associations, even if they are amateur or semi-professional, are prohibited from gambling on any football matches, regardless of their level of involvement,” contract solicitor Donald Fassifern told FMF.

“With precedents such as this, PFA could successfully argue that any fan, if they play football at any level, should also be covered under the same collective bargaining agreement, as they are already being held to the same standard as full-time professionals.”

FMF interviewed an amateur football player earlier today to seek comment on their new professional status.

“This is a big move for me. I had been playing for Wallsend FC for enjoyment since I was 29, and never had I imagined that I could move on to bigger things.”

FMF contacted FFA regarding this latest development. In a written reply, FFA stated, “This has been a frustrating and monotonous task of dealing with the PFA. First it was A-League and Socceroos players, then it’s become about the Matildas and now it’s about the fans – where will the madness end?”