The third round of Season 11 has just been completed, but already one fan has told journalists he is struggling to locate any fucks to give about this A-League season.

“Like… I just don’t know,” 32 year old Michael Prue said. “I sit there, reading articles or Twitter, or watch the games on Fox Sports, and all I can think is, ‘Who cares?'”

Prue, a supporter of the league since Season 2, said he can’t exactly pinpoint when his supply of fucks to give dried up, but says it could possibly be related to ‘all the shit which has happened during off-season and since the season started.’

“In previous seasons, especially since Season 8, you didn’t really have this issue. Sure some off-seasons were quieter than others, but on the whole you felt the league had some solid momentum. There was lots of positive advertising, teams were making exciting signings, and the only clubs which were failing were ones you didn’t feel too bad about losing.

“But this season? It just feels flat and uninteresting, and that’s before you go on social media or read the news, where all I read about is how everything is a complete mess.

“Now all I can do is sit here and figure out how in the world I am meant to find a fuck to give.”

The results of a recent petition, “Football Federation Australia to help us find new fucks to give about the A-League”, were sent to FFA after achieving its target of 50,000 signatures. When asked to comment on the results of the petition, the federation released a statement which said, “While there have been several unfortunate incidents – the ongoing pay dispute, misunderstandings with the police and Wellington Phoenix – we don’t share the view A-League fans have a reason to suffer from disillusionment. The A-League has never been stronger or more worthwhile to watch, something we’re looking to capture in our latest advertising campaign.”


But fans remain unconvinced, and with this season threatening to turn into a public-relations nightmare, an ongoing drought of fuck-giving runs the risk of souring the upcoming TV deal, a nightmare scenario for everyone involved in Australian football.