Continuing to ride the crest of the social media tsunami, Football Federation Australia announced a partnership with Facebook to develop a “Sack” button for the Facebook profiles of A-League managers.

Hot on the heels of the “Ask” button for relationships recently rolled out by the social media giant, Football Federation Australia say the Sack button will help increase fan engagement across the A-League, while ensuring only the highest-quality managers are employed.

“The Sack button is a world-first – the A-League will be at the forefront of social media engagement. This will not only raise the profile of our growing league, but help fans feel more connected to their club using the mediums they feel most comfortable with,” said an FFA spokesman.

While the technical details of how this system will work are still being sought by FMF, it’s believed the button must be clicked by at least 50.1% of a club’s official membership base before the FFA will get in touch with the relevant club, guaranteeing clubs won’t sack coaches unless a majority of fans believe the coach no longer represents the club’s best chance for success.

The move has been welcomed by active supporter groups around the country, who have expressed the desire for the button to be expanded to the profiles of club CEOs, chairpeople, owners and football journalists.